1. TYME AFTER TYME AFTER TYME – When a desperate male politician is nominated for the U. S. Supreme Court, he goes to extreme measures which includes murder to prevent his past from coming back to haunt him.

2. THE JUDGE – a desperate male politician goes to extreme measures and tries to keep his dark past from coming back to haunt him when he is nominated for the U. S. Supreme Court.

3. SOUL SEARCHIN – When an ambitious career climbing attorney comes back home to impress friends and family by taking on high profile case, she soon discovers that the case could either advance her career or end her life.

4. NOVEMBER CHILD – When two women, who were once good friends fight for one child in a nasty custody battle, their friendship is torn apart for good.

5. VALEDICTORIAN – When a twenty something pop princess through no fault of her own suddenly inherits custody of her teenage sister, her career is put on hiatus and she must in some way, get her sister through high school without killing her work to maintain her hot right now status.

© 2000 Judith E. Davis
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