1. DARK NIGHT – A "Twilight-like story" for the thirty-something crowd. When a young woman moves from England to the US to start a new life after inheriting her uncle's estate, she ends up falling madly in love with a vampire and has to decide between love or death.

2. DEADLY HAND – When a woman’s past comes back to haunt her, she finds that her dead father is still alive due to his involvement in the occult and instead of a reunion, he plans to kill her.

3. HOUSE OF SINS – Two priests, one is a murderer involved in the occult, while the other is innocent, but when the two worlds collide, the latter priest is forced to begin his quest to stop the former priest from his killing spree.

4. THE OTHER WOMAN – When a deranged and overbearing young woman becomes obsessed with her younger brother's college life, she plots to harm anyone who tries to get close to him, especially his fiancé.

5. THE LAST NIGHT – When a 21st century Adam and Eve conceive a child, have to fight and stay protected until the birth of this child who is set to save the world from destruction.

© 2000 Judith E. Davis
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