1. CITY MELODY A woman moves from VA to NYC after being swindled out of $40,000 from her fiance to start. The story is a cross between Sex and the City, Girlfriends and Lipstick Jungle.

2. THE REALITY OF REALITY The is the story of a 28 year old single girl by the name of Beth Truman and how her life changes after appears on a Reality TV show.

3. THE REAL REALITY This is the story of a single guy and how his life changes after he appears on a Reality TV show. (the male perspective of The Reality of Reality)

4. BUTCH AND CROCKY This is the story of two friends name Butch and Crocky. Butch is a young preteen boy. Crocky is a crocodile with a potty mouth with an attitude that wears a pimp hat and has an obsession with Samuel L Jackson. He lives with Butch, his mother, father and sister (the Foster Family)

5. JUST BETWEEN US A guy and a girl become roommates as a result of her inability to find college housing and soon discover they are half brother and sister.

    © 2000 Judith E. Davis
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