1. THE LAST NIGHT– When a 21st century Adam and Eve conceive a child, have to fight and stay protected until the birth of this child who is set to save the world from destruction.

2. RUNAWAY – A privileged twenty-something male heir�s life is turned upside down when takes a big risk, almost loses the family business and meets a beautiful Good Samaritan and learns that there are more important things than money.

3. VALEDICTORIAN – When a twenty something pop princess through no fault of her own suddenly inherits custody of her teenage sister, her career is put on hiatus and she must in some way, get her sister through high school without killing her work to maintain her hot right now status.

4. THE OTHER WOMAN – When a deranged and overbearing young woman becomes obsessed with her younger brother's college life, she plots to harm anyone who tries to get close to him, especially his fianc�.


1. THE WISH GRANTOR – When preteen girl who finds a video game that actually grants wishes to its owner, she has to deal with the consequences of her wishes that could change her life and the very existence of others.

2. JJ911 – The story of a 12 year old girl who along with her two friends start their own pet detective agency rescuing lost pets. (Written as a feature film and television show spinoff)

    © 2000 Judith E. Davis
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